What are Bike Streets like for neighbors who live along the routes?

All too often, the development of bike infrastructure is at odds with what neighbors want. We’ve seen pitted battles throughout Denver on Marion, Monaco, Steele, and others.

We believe the development of Bike Streets, by contrast, is more aligned with the interests of neighbors:

  • Parking: Build-out on Bike Streets doesn’t require any lane reductions or removal of on-street parking for cars.

  • Lower Volume: Volume reduction strategies that reduce cut-through traffic and lower the number of cars on neighborhood streets is something that most neighbors and bicyclists can get behind.

  • Lower Speed: Lowering speeds on neighborhood streets makes these streets better for neighbors, walkers, and bicyclists.

  • Access: Neighbors who want to ride bikes have immediate access to a low-stress network of routes that can get them to any destination in town.

Avi Stopper