How is the Bike Streets Map similar or different to the official Denver Bike Map?

The Bike Streets Map builds on what we like most about the official Denver Bike Map — what Public Works likes to call “high comfort” bike facilities. These include:

  1. “Protected Bike Lanes,” which typically have a buffer of some sort and a row of parked cars between bicyclists and moving cars.

  2. “Neighborhood Bikeways,” which are largely unmodified, quiet neighborhood streets that have been designated as bike routes.

The Bike Streets Map includes most of the Protected Bike Lanes — see routes like SOLVER, ABOVE, and SORTIE downtown — and extends the Neighborhood Bikeway concept across the city.

In other words, the Bike Streets Map and the city map have a significant amount of overlap, both conceptually and in terms of actual routes. Where there are gaps on the Denver Bike Map and high comfort routes don’t exist, the Bike Streets Map applies the Neighborhood Bikeway concept to quiet, local streets.

Avi Stopper