Imagine what would happen if we all rode bikes on the same streets


We believe that anyone in Denver should be able to ride a bike to any destination. Not in 2037. Now.

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Let’s ride together. Get the Bike Streets Map and ride more than 350 miles of low-stress routes.

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The Bike Streets Plan

People love riding bikes. 


Biking to get around is great for your health, local businesses, and the environment.


In fact, two thirds of people want to bike.

And yet, most people don't. 


Why? It's scary.


Bike lanes where there are zillions of cars whizzing past? No thanks.


Bike Streets is a simple, low-stress solution: A bike map that uses low-traffic, low-speed side streets.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.16.45 AM.png

Bike Streets are quiet side streets that allow you to get pretty much anywhere in Denver. 


A few wonderful, low-stress routes like this are already on the official Denver Bike Map. They’re called “neighborhood bikeways.”

2019-04-16 10.47.12.jpg

We call them “Bike Streets.” And we think there should be a complete map of them that makes it easy to go anywhere in Denver.


No matter what you call them, they're the streets where people actually want to ride bikes.


But a map by itself isn't enough. We're building a community of 100,000 people who want to ride bikes to every type of destination in Denver. 

2018-05-31 19.24.26.jpg

We get together on occasion, but mostly you ride solo or with friends. That said, we're all biking in the same direction: towards a world-class bike city.


We encourage the city to lower neighborhood speed limits and reduce cut-through traffic by installing basic, low-cost infrastructure -- paint, signs, signals -- a far cry from the $2 billion I-70 expansion.


Together, let's make Denver a great bike city where anyone can ride a bike anywhere.