100% powered by volunteers.


We proudly have no paid staff and do not accept donations.

We invite you to volunteer, join our mission, and earn your B-I-K-E S-T-R-E-E-T-S letters.

B - 1 hour

Pam, Jess, David, Joseph, Peter, Kyle B, Philip, Tom, Sam, Logan, Bruno, Rob K, Ian, Devin, Vecky, Will

I - 5 hours

Stacy, Dan, Dale, Erica, Victor, Brian, Nam, Tanner, Martha, Phoebe, Kendall, Van, Ryan, Rob P, Mackenzie, Tiffany, Aaron, Jenny, Jeremiah, Kim, Rob H, John, Kyle G, Mark, Jim, Nicole G

K - 10 hours

Bill, Wilbur, Elyse, Jem, Edith, Emily, Steph, Sara Rose

E - 20 hours

AJ, Rebecca, Bradyn, James, Amanda, Rob T, Wendy, Vance, Stefan

S - 30 hours

Elayna, Judy, Ann

T - 40 hours

R - 50 hours

Nicole M, Franco

E - 60 hours

E - 75 hours

T - 90 hours

S - 100+ hours

Gary, Avi