Advocate: Bike Streets Urban Adventure Loop #1


Saddle up! The first adventure loop will take you to Cheeseman, City Park West, Whittier, Skyland, Park Hill, Hale, and  Congress Park on the Bike Streets routes we call Canvas, Method, Platform, and Village. Be sure to track your ride with the Bike Streets Online Club to be eligible for prizes. Get the interactive Bike Streets Map here.

Directions Starting at Cheeseman Park


E 11th

N Race

W 24th


E 27th

N Jackson

E 28th

N Harrison

Walk E on sidewalk to cross Colorado Blvd

S on Albion

E 28th


S Kearney

W 25th

S Jasmine

W 16th

S Ivy

Walk on sidewalk to cross Colfax

S Ivy


W 12th

S Holly

W 12th

Walk on sidewalk to cross Colorado Blvd

W 12th

S Harrison

W 11th

Walk on sidewalk to cross Josephine at 12th

W 11th

Urban Adventure Loop 2


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