Eureka: Bike Streets Urban Adventure Loop #3

loop 3.png

This week’s loop starts in Broncolandia, features a tranquil, riparian roll along the South Platte River, then pops up into the Highlands, waves hello to Sloan’s Lake, and wraps up at Mile High Stadium. Be sure to track your ride with the Bike Streets Online Club to be eligible for prizes. Get the interactive Bike Streets Map here.

Directions Starting at Mile High Stadium

South Platte River Trail

N on the Platte River Trail


NW the Highland Bridge

NW 16th (don’t be shy if you have to push your bike uphill)

NE Boulder

NW 17th

NE Erie

N Shoshone

Walk on sidewalk to cross 38th at Tejon

N Shoshone


W 45th

N Clay

W 45th

Walk across Lowell, walk on sidewalk

W 45th


S Osceola

Walk on sidewalk to cross 38th at Perry

S Osceola


E 21st

Walk across Federal

E 21st

S Eliot

Ride on the sidewalk through Mile High Stadium parking lot

Urban Adventure Loop #4


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